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Dramatic art is fleeting. Once over, the performance only exists as immaterial food for thought. But in the book ‘Hotel Pro Forma’ 18 years of performances are captured as a powerful collected work. Drama, performance, the visual arts and architecture meet in Hotel Pro Forma´s productions: conventional categories are broken down and a distinctive platform emerges from an indefatigably experimental attitude. 

The book contains over 300 photos from Hotel Pro Forma’s comprehensive production. Assiduous regis-tration carried out over the years by photographer Roberto Fortuna has ensured the captivating pictorial material. 

Each of the three authors of the book presents a personal slant on the activities of Hotel Pro Forma. The cultural journalist Per Theil writes from the point of view of a theatre critic about a number of performances placed in a contemporary context. The artistic director of Hotel Pro Forma, Kirsten Dehlholm, writes about important productions, their genesis and multiplicity of expression. Professor Lars Qvortrup, University of Southern Denmark, places the work of Hotel Pro Forma in perspective and discusses the role of art as a form of knowledge, as basic research. 

The book features hitherto unpublished texts written specially for the performances by such writers as Inger Christensen, Morten Søndergaard and Ib Michael. 

The work has been published with financial support from: Margot og Thorvald Dreyers Fond, the Danish Visual Arts Council, Konsul George Jorck og hustru Emma Jorck´s Fond, Landsdommer V. Gieses Legat, Lasson Andersens Fond, Sonning-Fonden, Sophus Fonden, TK-Styring and the Toyota Foundation. 

Hotel Pro Forma. The Double Staging: Space and Performance. 

Texts by Per Theil, Kirsten Dehlholm and Lars Qvortrup. 
Photos by Roberto Fortuna. 
Design by Åse Eg Jørgensen. 
208 pages, thoroughly illustrated, large format hardcover. 
ISBN 87-7407-286-2.